Saturday, June 23, 2012

D.I.Y - Recycle cans into Halloween Gifts

DIY Halloween Gift Ideas

I thought I would share one up-cycle D.I.Y project I will be doing this year as gifts for Halloween.
This is another reason, next time you go to throw out a pull lid tin can, think about what you can make before you do so.

I always have cans in my pantry, so I make sure I don't throw them out as they are a perfect recycling item. For this D.I.Y project it really doesn't matter what size they are but the best ones to use are the ones that have the pull off lids as the don't leave a sharp edge.

Step 1. Soak them in hot soapy water for 15min to be able to clean and take the label off.

 Step 3. Spray paint them white using a High Gloss quick drying paint. (Colour is up to you) but for this project I made some orange ones for the Pumpkin cans, and white for the Ghost cans.
Here in Australia I get my spray paint from Bunnings Warehouse.

Free Printable Template DIY Halloween Gift Ideas

Step 4. While the cans are drying you can print out our free Halloween Pumpkin & Ghost Face Templates. You can either print it out on full sheet sticky label paper or normal paper.

DIY Halloween Gift Ideas

Step 5. You can then glue or stick your faces on and add you desired treats to them, wrapped with tissue paper.

DIY Halloween Gift Ideas

Another option to the Pumpkin one is to add an extra bit of green tissue paper to the top and add a little gift tag.
These will make a perfect gift at Halloween for kids, teachers, party favors and so on.

Trick or Treat !!



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