Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY Kids Art Work Hanger

DIY Kids Art Work Hanger

 It is School holidays here in Queensland, Australia so I think this is a perfect activity to do with your children.
If you are like me, that has a child in Kindy or daycare, you will know how many paintings & collages you get. At first I just had a pile growing in the corner didn't know what to do with them all.

Well this is one way we now hang some of them, which is an activity I did with my son.

DIY Kids Art Work Hanger

What you need:
1 x Old Magazine that you can cut up
Pair of scissors
Glue Stick
Your favorite Washi Tape (my son picked out this one) 
1 x Wooden Clip Hanger (I get mine from IKEA) 

Step 1. Cover the wooden section and clip with the tape. Now if you don't have Washi tape you can just glue strips of coloured paper.

Step 2. Work out what you want to put on the Hanger, I just picked "Tahlin's Art" which is my sons name and Art. I was going to put Artist Tahlin. It is really up to you. 

Step 3. Once you know what you want let your child help you flip through the magazine to find the letters. This was a good learning alphabet game to play to with them.
Make sure they are the right size to fit on the wooden section of the hanger.

DIY Kids Art Work Hanger

Step 4. When you have all the letters you need place them on the hanger the glue them on.

DIY Kids Art Work Hanger

Then you can hang their art work up on the wall just like a wall hanging.

Tip: When it starts to get to full what we do is use some of them a wrapping for presents. Since we have hit the age of many kids party this is one way we save on buying new gift wrapping.


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  1. This is a great idea - thank you! I have three littles, so this will come in handy. :)