Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Man Baby Shower

Sorry I have been a little slack with this blog, I have had alot going on with Ah-Tissue, but will try to get back to doing regular posts. 

Now this was the baby shower I helped out with a little while back and since then my beautiful friends Mel & Blake welcomed their gorgeous baby boy into this world.

As they new they were going to have a little boy so I thought it would be fitting to have a "Little Man" themed baby shower.

So this is why my husband did up this D.I.Y printable set for it and we based the colours around what Mum to be had in mind which was the colours from some little outfits she had.

This range can be purchased here: Little Man Printable Set

Here are a few Images from the day.

Made use of a wall shelf 

Made some little bow ties out of felt and wool for the guest to pin on.

 Made these hanging bow ties out of tissue paper and crepe paper.

From the left over cupcake circle I scatted them on the tables

Instead of games as requested we had little stations. 1st station we had a pile of Nappies and markers for the guest to leave a funny message for the parents to be.

Of course there would have to be some Ah-Tissue poms.

2nd Station we had wish tags for the guest to write little wishes for the baby or parents to be.

I made some homemade yummy chocolate mustaches for a little thank you gift for the guests

Added little Mustache to some straw using a some hot glue.

These are the little outfits that the colour scheme was based around.

Covered lolly pop with matching fabric and used a piece of foam covered with tissue paper to stick the pops into.

The 3rd Station was a little photo booth.

 Little hand held Chalkboards " Speech and Thought" can be found here.

Guest took home a little goodie bags filled with treats.

It was a very fun day for Mel and a great memory for her..

Here is Corbin (Corby) and his very proud parents.


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  1. Oh that is just the CUTEST little baby shower ever!!